We think of our clients as extended family and we want to share more about ourselves and our team. Lauren chooses each and every staff member carefully. With a team of highly skilled DMK Paramedical Skin and Beauty Therapists, you are guaranteed warmth in every treatment you receive and hopefully a bond will be made that only a client and her skin therapist can understand.



Business Owner / Beauty and Skin Therapist

Lauren is our exceptionally gifted founder and the visionary behind The Heart of Beauty. With over 24 years experience, she has a wealth of knowledge and always has everybody’s best interest at heart. Lauren truly believes in bringing out the inner beauty in every one of her clients and always gives 100% to ensure those around her feel their absolute best.

A meticulous eye for detail, Lauren has a flair for minimalist, relaxed and luxe design which led her to entrust in interior designer Noël Coughlan of NC Interiors. Together they have created the epitome of excellence, a space that invokes a sense of calm and warmth upon entering, whilst simultaneously providing a clinical aesthetic for the community to be treated in with the utmost care.

Lauren takes incredible pride in all that she does, choosing world renowned paramedical skincare company Danne’ Montague King (DMK) as her formulation of choice. Their philosophy is to Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain. A four-step process to bring the skin into homeostasis in line with the natural chemistry of the body and promote optimal health of the function of the skin. Her ‘can’t live without’ prescriptives from the DMK range are the Milk Cleanser and Revitosin. Together they work in synergy to deeply cleanse and clear congestion, and increase cellular turnover leaving the skin visibly smoother, even in texture and colour.

When Lauren is not in the clinic, she loves to be immersed in nature and looks forward to self-care Sundays at her most treasured spot on the coast, the Noosa National Park. A sunset lover, you will also find her enjoying the best part of the day with her beloved children and adorable dog.



Advanced Skin and Beauty Therapist

Nadine has been working in the skin and beauty industry for over a decade. She loves skin correcting treatments and has worked with DMK previously so Nadine is happy to have the pleasure of working with this incredible brand again to achieve skin results. Her favourite products are the Enbioment System and Stemzyme Supplement.

She has an uncontainable curiosity for the skin cell that led her to study a Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) and is now a BCMB Biochemistry student! Nadine is also a certified nutritionist and geeks out on the latest research and science. She believes that education ignites a ripple effect that transforms the world. Nadine’s personal mission is to educate and inspire others so they see the power within themselves to live healthier lives.

Nadine has also owned her own beauty and skin clinic in a small rural town in north Queensland before relocating back to the Sunshine Coast in 2019. She enjoys days off with her family, having adventures up mountains, growing her own organic produce and being outdoors. Nadine has a contagious energy and is a joy to be around. She is works with us full time, studies hard and is married with two children. We don’t know how you do it Nadine, you are amazing.



Beauty and Skin Therapist

Emma was first a client of ours so we already knew that she was passionate about the industry, that she was reliable, friendly and a hard worker. She first started working with us on weekends as her main job was as a beauty therapy teacher/ trainer, however she decided to come on board with us full time in 2023.

Emma loves performing relaxing spa and beauty treatments just as much as result driven skin treatments. Her attention to detail, knowledge, caring nature and kindness will reassure you that your concerns will be listened to and treated. She comes to us with beauty, skin and five star spa experience, and her diploma in beauty therapy and certificate 4 in training and assessment. Emma has done a lot of advanced DMK training and is confident in all treatments; and is dedicated to continually training, learning and improving her skills as a therapist.

On her day off she likes to spend time with her lovely partner, going on hinterland hikes and spending time reading a good book in this beautiful place we live. Her favourite product is the EFA supplement for its incredible healing and nourishing properties. She secretly is amazing at baking, yum! and is a bit of a pottery novice. Thanks for being a pleasure to work with Emma!



Beauty Therapist

Bekk hails from Northern Rivers and is passionate about health, well-being and beauty. Bekk has completed her Beauty Therapy Diploma and has experience working in a clinic in Burleigh Heads. She also has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and is a very artistic & creative person. She finds these skills have helped her with her brow shaping & tinting and very much enjoys finding the right look for each client.

Her biggest passion is making people feel good about themselves inside and out. Rest-assured you will leave your next treatment with Bekk relaxed, rejuvenated and full of positive energy.

Her most-loved DMK prescriptive is the Seba-E oil, combined with Herb and Mineral Mist. This oil helps to promote barrier repair by imitating the skin’s natural oils and lipids. It feels lovely and soft on the skin, providing deep hydration.

Her positivity is infectious and you will often find Bekk laughing gregariously and shining positive vibes on her clients. She is a voracious lover of animals and most happy when talking about her pet Labrador, Maple. Bekk and her partner are happy to call Buderim home with their baby girl.



Advanced Skin and Laser Technician

Every business owner knows how hard it is to find brilliant team members and when I received Katilyn’s application I knew instantly that she would be the perfect fit for our clinic. I somehow seem to be lucky in this regard!

Filled with warmth and smiles Katilyn works with us on a full time basis. She has a vast knowledge of all things skin and previous experience working in management roles. “This has really taught me that being in the room is my passion. I love getting to know clients and making them feel loved and welcomed. It brings a smile to my face each and every day.”

Katilyn and her partner moved to the Sunshine Coast nearly three years ago now and have fallen in love with Peregian Beach for its beautiful beaches and amazing people. In her spare time her happy place is under her umbrella at the beach with her beautiful dog, a good book, while watching her partner surf.

“Working at The heart of beauty has always been a dream of mine since calling Peregian Beach home. Such a beautiful space and lovely team.
The reason why I absolutely love my job: I want each and every client to feel confident in their own skin!”

Favourite treatment: Laser! I have been performing laser for years in NSW. Queensland Laser Licensing rules are very strict, for good reason. So I have been doing my practical hours under Carlys guidance for six months. I absolutely love the results from treating leg veins, cherry angiomas to skin rejuvenation with laser genesis.

Katilyn proudly received her full Qld Health Radiation Licence in early 2023. Well done Katilyn and thanks for taking such good care of our clients.