The Heart of Beauty invites you to experience our results driven in-salon facial treatments. Precisely formulated with the most potent natural ingredients the oceans and earth have to offer.


Restore your skin’s radiant vitality by experiencing an in-salon professional treatment specifically recommended to address your concerns. Book this treatment and discuss your concerns and your beauty therapist will be able to perform a facial treatment that is ideal for you.  This high performance facial offers all the benefits of the classic facial but includes a specialised lift off mask be it hydration, desensitising, anti-aging and firming.


A customised Pevonia maintenance facial using replenishing plant extracts to revitalise all skin types.  It includes cleansing, lotion, steam, exfoliation and facial massage, completed with a therapeutic facial mask.  Let your therapist melt tension away with a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.


The best of both worlds.  Your treatment begins with a foot scrub and an aromatic foot spa to revitalize and refresh.  You will then enjoy a back, neck & shoulder massage alleviating muscular pain & tension.  This is then followed by a customised facial to treat your skins needs.  During the face mask your arms, legs, feet and scalp will be massaged, PURE BLISS!  This Signature treatment is for men and women and makes the perfect gift.


Hydradermie DI – $145 [1.5 hours]
The Hydradermie Double Ionisation (DI) is Guinot’s complete facial treatment. Galvanic currents rehydrate the deeper layers of the skin and speed up cellular regeneration. High frequency heals and oxygenates. Guinot’s star treatment including massage ensures immediate and long lasting results.

Optional upgrade – To target specific concerns
New White Mask $15 Lightens and brightens your complexion.
Claimasque Mask $15 Increase radiance and luminosity.
Aromatics Mask $15 Plant concentrates and essential oils restore balance and calm your skin.
Age Logic Ampules and Gel $15 The top of the range in anti ageing.

Ultimate Performance Facial – $175 [2 hours]
Upgrade to the Hydradermie plus treatment. Th¬is amazing treatment incorporates specific eye and neck serums and gels, we pay individual attention to these contours. ¬This treatment is inclusive of the Hydradermie & the Hydra-lift to leave your skin with all the benefits of both treatments combined. Lifts, deep cleanses and treats specific concerns. 

Hydra-Lift – $125 [1 hour] a course of 4 prepaid $440
Non Surgical Face Lift
Is famous for its draining and muscle stimulation effect. After the first treatment you will experience a smoother, radiant and oxygenated complexion. After four treatments wrinkles and lines are reduced, the eye area is rejuvenated and the facial contour is lifted. You will experience your skins texture, tone and radiance evolve with clear results that you will love.

Hydra-Lift Eye Treatment – $90 [45mins] add on to Hyrdra-Lift $30
This superior treatment will give you fresh definition to your eye contour by lifting, firming and minimizing lines. 

Beaute Neuve – $125 [1 hour]
or a course of 3 Beaute Neuve followed by a hydradermie prepaid $460
This double peeling facial has long been a favourite. A powerful treatment targeting ageing at a cellular level and helping to correct pigmentation and sun damage. Radiance and luminiousity will be restored using a combination of vitamin C and AHA’s including a mask with a complex of peach, bilberry and hibiscus extracts revealing a softer, brighter, younger looking skin.

Basic Facial – $105 [1 hour]
This treatment can be a deep cleanse or a boost of hydration, whatever your skin needs this is a quick remedy to leave your skin refreshed and renewed.

Aromatics Facial Treatment – $125 [1.25 Hour]
The aromatics treatment combines plant concentrates and essential oils. It is the ultimate in relaxation. Th¬is facial is designed around your concerns and state of  wellbeing. Your beauty therapist will choose the aromas so that your skins balance is recovered and your complexion is radiant. ¬The aromatics facial is beautiful, very calming and de-stressing. 

Hydraclean – $65 [30 mins]
Perfect for deep cleansing with a quick result. A gentle warming electrode will be used to assist in cleansing and detoxifying leaving your skin clearer and more radiant. Results have been proven to reduce blemishes.
Add on – high frequency $10 [5 minutes]Heals and repairs the skin leaving it balanced and clear.
Add on – the application of a mask $10 [10 minutes] 

Aromatic Body Treatment – $135 [1.5 Hours]Aromatic Body is a complete holistic body treatment using a sauna mask that helps to contour target areas, thus breaking down fatty deposits and elimating water retention. Th¬is treatment is personalised for each client, and specialised massage techniques will be used.

Skin Smoothing Treatment – $105 [1 Hour]
Renew the skin on your body with the combination of kiwi fruit, sugar and essential oils to exfoliate in this invigorating body treatment. Choose between a glowing tan application, or a luxurious hydrating product to suit your needs.


1/2 Hour – $55 [back only]1 Hour – $95 [back, back of your legs, scalp and feet]1.5 Hours – $120 [full body massage]At The Heart of Beauty we offer relaxing swedish massage, using a firm or lighter pressure depending on your preference. Muscular tension will diminish and leave you floating out of the salon. Again with a course of massages pre paid you can treat your body. Get better results and save money, enquire with your therapist.


The Ultimate Beauty Experience – $250 [2 hours]
Hydradermie facial, manicure and pedicure with two beauty therapists. Guinot’s star treatment, the Hydradermie facial smothes fine lines by working on a cellular level achieving brilliant results for all skin types.

Body Bliss – $210 [2 hours]
A combination of skin smoothing treatment with Aromatics body wrap and a one hour massage this combination will ensure total relaxation leaving your body feeling soft and supple, your skin smooth and hydrated.

A Quick Fix – $120 [1 hour]
Hydraclean facial, eye lash tint, fingers and toes filed and polished to perfection. This deep cleanse facial using Guinots thermoclean electrode heating up to 42 degrees. The effect reduces blemishes, cleans and radiates the skin.

Rest and Relaxation – $155 [1.75 hours]
A half hour back massage followed by the Aromatics Facial. Remove tension in your back, neck, shoulders and scalp with a massage to sooth tired muscles. Followed by the Aromatics Facial which focuses on your concerns and restoring the skin’s balance and radiance.

Skin Analysis
With our experience we will be able to help you achieve better results with your skin care regime and advise you on skin management programmes. Th¬is service is for those who wish to experience more effective results with your skin regardless of your age. $30 for a half hour skin consultation, redeemable on any Guinot product purchase.


Note; We are able to treat most skin conditions due to the nature of the advanced skincare available. With a 12 month individual plan or program of treatments we are able to achieve the best result for you as skin needs 8 – 12 months to totally renew. Please ask our therapist about these facial programmes as they are designed with results and money saving in mind. Programme treatments are to be paid for up front and must be performed regularly for lasting results.